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Who Are The CAI?
The CAI is the recognised body for the aerial and satellite industry. The CAI is committed to raising Standards within the industry and the criteria for membership is extremely high.
One of the many membership requirements is that any installing member company will agree to the examination and test of any equipment manufactured or supplied, the inspection of any installation or investigation into conduct which could have a detrimental effect on the reputation of the CAI or its Members.
Commitment & Professionalism
CAI Members only employ qualified personnel whose work is monitored by an Inspector. If a CAI Member is undergoing inspection, it may be that the CAI Inspector will wish to accompany them to view their installing capabilities. This would be at no extra charge to the customer. It is however, within the rights of the customer to refuse the installation to be inspected.
All CAI Members guarantee their installations for a minimum of twelve months. In addition to this, the CAI undertakes to back-up this guarantee with its own twelve months guarantee, for domestic installations only.
This means that should a CAI Member fail to honour their twelve months guarantee on a domestic installation, the consumer can seek redress via the CAI - Provided that the problems are within the realms of the original guarantee, the CAI will arrange to have the work corrected - at no extra cost to the consumer.
Codes of Practice
All Members are required to work to the exacting standards laid down in the CAI's Codes of Practice.
Public Liability Insurance
All CAI Members are required to have full insurance cover to cover all aspects of their business. Most importantly there is a minimum requirement of £2,000,000 for public liability insurance. This gives the consumer total peace of mind before the company even commences work.  Through our iinsurance partners Argyll, the CAI offers uniquely tailored insurance to meet th needs of our industry that is not generally available elsewhere and at a competitive price.  Individual policies can be written to match the specific cover needed by your company.
Complaints Against CAI Members
If a customer is unhappy with the standard of workmanship carried out by a CAI registered installer, or indeed is dissatisfied with any aspect of the job, the CAI has an official complaints procedure. The CAI will fully investigate any complaint that it receives against one of its Members and is empowered to impose sanctions on its Members If necessary.
When it is deemed that a Member has fallen outside the boundaries of the CAI Codes of Practice, they will be instructed to correct the areas that have been identified.
The CAI will monitor the complaint to ensure that the defects are rectified. The Member company will then be asked to confirm to the CAI that this has been done, within the pre-determined timescale that will have been set. The CAI will then check with the customer to ensure that they are now satisfied.
Depending on the severity of the complaint, the installer may be asked to take the appropriate training and/or have their membership reviewed. A CAI Member who fails to rectify work or to carry out the necessary training will be removed from membership and will no longer be authorised to use the CAI logo.
Complaints Against Non CAI Members
The CAI is unable to become involved in any complaints against a company that is not registered. If however, a company is not a Member of the CAI but is displaying the logo, the matter will be reported to the local trading standards office immediately. If you are unsure whether a company is a Member of the Confederation of Aerial Industries Limited, please check with the CAI office, or check the A to Z list of all CAI Members.
Hertford TV Service
We have been a Trusted Member of the
CAI For over 25 Years. The Governing
Body of our Trade, All our Aerial and
Satellite Installations have to be to the
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