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The digital switchover is happening throughout the United Kingdom, and will be finally complete during 2012, where the analogue signal will be switched off. Some area s are already receiving the improved digital transmission, and can benefit from an increased variety of digital tv channels with greater picture and audio quality. With Freeview TV already available throughout the most of the UK, you could have access to a whole new variety of television entertainment and interactive digital TV channels, from comedy and drama, films, to news and music, all of which are free!  The majority of Freeview digital set top boxes provide advanced digital programming guides allowing you to view upcoming Freeview television shows several weeks in advance, and also come complete with a digital programme timer, to ensure you don’ t miss the start!  To ensure you receive the full benefit of digital programming, you may need a digital compatible tv aerial, and either a digital television with an integrated digital freeview tuner (look for the digital tick), or, if you aren’t replacing your television, then a freeview set top receiver. The service offered by freeview TV provides approximately 48 digital television channels, and 24 digital radio channels, enhanced digital teletext, digital programming guides and interactive services!  Freeview has provided the United Kingdom a cross platform of digital TV channels since October 2002, all completely free, and they are currently in the process of introducing new digital entertainment features, such as Freeview+ providing tape free recording, and Freeview HD with free high definition programming.

With access to 48 digital TV and 24 radio channels, offering superior sound and picture quality, why wait until 2012 when you can benefit from Freeview digital TV entertainment now!

How Do I 'Switch On To Digital'?

With Freeview TV, there is no monthly subscription required to receive and enjoy the service. You are not tied into any contract, any rental agreements or committment. Freeview, as the name suggests, is FREE!

However, for those who want to receive extra digital entertainment channels, such as ESPN , MTV, Living, The Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and many more, can also purchase a Top Up TV Anytime digital receiver

This additional set top box automatically records approximately 150 digital programmes and stores them for your viewing for upto 7 days. As these programmes are recorded and stored on the hardrive, they can be viewed anytime at your request, when it suits you.

Top Up TV Anytime does require payment directly  to Top Up TV


With Freeview TV, there is no monthly subscription required to receive and enjoy the service, although there are a number or additional Freeview digital channels available via Top Up TV, or pay to view TV channels. If you wish to receive these premium channels, you will require a digital receiver with CAM card access.

Can I Receive Freeview Digital TV?

Although you can check if you receive Freeview Digital TV online using the official digital TV postcode checking system, this is not always accurate, as it is based upon general area signal strengths.

Hertford TV  specializes in providing suitable solutions to meet your home entertainment needs! Using specialist equipment and having many years of experience in quality installations throughout the Area, You may still be able to receive Digital Freeview, or an alternative Digital TV form of reception. Using Digital Signal Meters We can carry out a digital reception test at your property to see whether you can receive the Freeview digital signal. We have found good results in many area's where the online digital checker states there is no reception. In the small minority of poor reception area's, where digital is not available, an alternative digital viewing system, such as Freesat or Sky TV can be installed.

Freeview+ - Record/Pause/Rewind Live TV!

Freeview+, similar to both Sky+ and the new Freesat+ PVR, provides any consumer the ability to pause, rewind and fast forward their favourite digital television shows, live!  Furthermore, a Freeview+ digital receiver can record your favourite tv shows whilst you are not home, at work or away, ensuring you never miss a show again! You can even set your Freeview+ receiver to record an entire series of your favourite television programmes by the press of a button!

Freeview+ like the other Freeview services requires no monthly charge or subscription, and is provided completely free of charge providing you have a Freeview+ digital receiver. You may also require the installation of a digital tv aerial, or a second live channel feed, depending on your TV system and requirements.

Freeview+ (or Freeview Plus) provides the home user all the benefits of home tape recording, but without the neccessity of tapes, and can store many programmes for free on the in built hard drive.

Freeview HD

Freeview have also announced the launch of it’s much anticipated Freeview HD service, which should introduce several High Definiton digital channels towards the end of 2009. Although Freeview HD will be available by the end of 2009 - consumers will have to purchase a Freeview HD digital set top box to benefit from the new high definition channels, which are anticipated to be available for purchase from early 2010. As per Freesat+, Sky+ etc, Freeview will also be launching their own Freeview HD+ branded set top box allowing viewers to rewind, record and pause live HD transmissions as early as Spring 2010.

By the World Cup in 2010 - 50% of the United Kingdom should be able to receive and enjoy Freeview HD. London, Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, Bradford and Birmingham will receive Freeview HD by the end of March 2010, as will Manchester, Cardiff and Swansea as they go through digital switchover. If your area has already gone through the switchover, you should be able to watch Freeview High Definition by November 2010. Freeview will be broadcasting these channels free inline with it’s current policy, and again, no monthly subscription, rental or commitment is required.

However, to receive and benefit from the improved High Definition signal which provides greater and more vibrant colours with better picture clarity, you will require a HD compatible television, together with a Freeview HD set top box, or when available, a Freeview HD integrated Digital TV.




> Digital Compatible Benchmarked Aerial - Compliant to CAI Standards

> High Quality Steel Support Bracketry & Mast

> Digital Grade High Quality Low Loss Coaxial Cable

> TV Aerial Aligned By Digital Signal Strength Meter to Optimun

> Freeview Compatible Providing upto 72 FREE Channels With Freeview Box / TV

> All HERTFORD TV Installations are Digital Switchover Compliant

>1 Year Parts & Labour Guarantee As Standard